The Pomos dam has overflowed, community leader, Andreas Dionysiou reported on Tuesday.

The community’s dam overflowed last Saturday, Dionysiou told the Cyprus News Agency, which is comparatively late in the year, as for the past two years it overflowed in January.

Dionysiou mentioned that between December and March the dam always overflows.

The community leader added that the dam has a capacity of 860,000 cubic metres and serves the agricultural needs of the communities of Pomos, Nea Dimata and Pachyammos.

Dionysiou expressed satisfaction with the overflow of the dam, noting that as a result the area is one of unique beauty and acts a “green lung” for the region.

The Argaka dam, which has a capacity of 990,000 cubic metres also overflowed last week. The two dams are always the first to overflow in Cyprus every year, Dionysiou said.