Employees in the semi-public sector will no longer have the benefit of private health insurance, MPs have decided this week, citing the introduction of a national health scheme (Gesy).

There is no reason for semi-government organisations to contribute to private health insurance for their employees since there is a national health scheme, MPs said.

Hence, during a plenary session of the parliament this month, it was decided that a provision will be included in the budgets of public law entities under consideration, prohibiting any expenditure for the health care of employees.

The amendment was extended to semi-government organisation that would be approved by the plenary.

Regarding the budgets of organisations that were voted before the presidential elections, sources of Brief website said those will be resolved in the new year.

So far, the budgets were adjusted accordingly for the Housing Financing Agency, the University of Cyprus, the Cyprus University of Technology (Tepak), the Open University of Cyprus, the Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organisation (COAP). More semi-governmental organisations are expected on Thursday, namely THOC, the ANAD, the National Betting Authority and the Cyprus Transmission System Operator, as their budgets come before the plenary.