A total of €15,000 was raised for the Cyprus Anti- Cancer Association during Sunday’s annual Christodoula march organised by the SBA police, as part of events held around the island.

The charity march, now in its 18th year on the bases, saw over 500 people taking part.

Speaking at the event, first lady Philippa Karsera said matters of health and social welfare are high priorities of the current governance of President Nikos Christodoulides.

“This is a fantastic event in aid of a very worthy cause, which I am delighted to take part in. To see so many people here is heartening and is a testament to the close community links throughout the Bases, Chief Officer of the Sovereign Base Areas Clare Simpson added.

The SBA Police liaised with local and service Communities to organise the march, which commemorates the 15-20km journey made by cancer sufferer Christodoula, who in 1974 left her home in Famagusta as a refugee and walked to Sotira where she died of her illness.

“Once again, we are inspired by Christodoula’s courageous journey in 1974 and march together to raise money for those suffering from cancer in 2023,” SBA Police Chief Constable Chris Eyre said.

Further donations will be collected by the SBA Police until the end of the month.