Seven people arrested on Monday during checks before an Apoel-Apollon football match will be barred from sports grounds until their cases go to court, Nicosia district court ruled on Tuesday.

The first four arrests, of a 29-year-old, a 31-year-old and two 25-year-olds, took place after police seized a number of illegal items from the car they were driving in the area near GSP stadium.

These included a bag containing 10 flares, allegedly belonging to the 29-year-old driver, a bag containing another flare, a hood and two grinders containing traces of cannabis allegedly belonging to one of the 25-year-olds, a bag containing smoke bombs and more flares allegedly belonging to the second one, and a collapsible bat, allegedly belonging to the 31-year-old.

Two others, both aged 21, were arrested after officers searched their car, finding five balaclavas, a collapsible bat, a pair of brass knuckles, two cans of spraypaint and two torches, as well as 11 firecrackers.

The seventh arrest was made after a 90-centimetre long piece of wood was found in his care during a police search.

In a press release, police said three cases had been registered for immediate trial in accordance with the legislation on the prevention of violence in sports.

The court ordered that the seven defendants, aged between 21 and 31, be released with conditions ensuring their presence at the next trial. Until then, the court ruled they will also be barred from entering sports grounds.