Right-wing party Disy is a model of democratic operation and will move forward with unity, its newly-elected leader and House President Annita Demetriou said on Sunday after the announcement of the 25 elected members of the party.

Demetriou congratulated the elected candidates and thanked the remaining 40 who ran in the process.

After the election process at the central level, Demetriou said they will proceed at the district offices next month “for a strong Democratic Rally, a protagonist in the political events of the country”.

According to the Election Commission’s announcement for the 25 elected members, the valid ballots were 15,853. Another 862 ballots were invalid ballots and 411 were thrown blank.

The elected members and the votes they received are Lysandridis George: 9,196 votes, Nikolettos George: 8,363, Ilias Marios: 7,566, Koutsoftas Kleanthis:7,403, Pallis Christos: 7,244, Patera Giorgoula: 6. 923, Ttaouxis Andreas: 6.831, Ioakim Simos: 6.735, Kasoulides Annoulidi Annoula: 6.619, Kousiosiou Elena: 6.169, Zambas Neophytos: 6.042, Tsielepos Georgios: 5. 835, Kountouri Andrea: 5.754, Eleftheriou Loukas: 5.567, Hatzigiagou Loukas: 5.321, Hapoupi Despina: 5.314, Kourousidis Polis: 5.274, Sourmeli Stella: 5. 191, Gavriilidis Marios: 5.084, Moulazimi Kakouri Maria: 4.731, Zitti Andria: 4.593, Christou Nikos: 4.499, Kyriakidou Lenia: 4.308 votes.

Xenophontos Christiana is also elected as the second person of the Kyrenia District Organisation, in accordance with a mandatory statutory provision, with 4.074 votes. Under the same mandatory statutory provision, Christina Lazarou is elected as the 2nd person of the Paphos District Organisation with 3,952 votes.