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Christodoulides: The Cyprus problem is a European concern

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President Nikos Christodoulides

President Nikos Christodoulides on Wednesday said that the unresolved Cyprus problem constitutes a European issue, adding that it is in the interest of the EU as well as its obligation, to contribute actively in a leading role towards a solution.

The President spoke during Europe Day, which is celebrated annually on May 9 by promoting peace and unity throughout the continent.

“The continued division of Cyprus as a result of the Turkish invasion and occupation is, unfortunately, the greatest political anachronism within the otherwise most modern union of sovereign states in the world,” he said.

“The occupation of the northern part of Cyprus by Turkey remains an open wound on the body of the whole of the EU.

“We need to use all the political and economic means and instruments at our disposal, in the framework of EU-Turkish relations.

“Our own goal is clear. We believe firmly in a solution to the Cyprus problem through the reunification of the island and its people within the agreed framework of the United Nations. We seek nothing less than what is enjoyed by the citizens of the rest of the member states of the EU,” Christodoulides said.

During his speech, the President also called Cyprus’ presidency of the EU Council in the first half of 2026 “a very important milestone.”

“Having been fortunate enough to have actively participated in the first EU presidency of Cyprus in the second half of 2012, I attribute great importance to this milestone.

“I am fully aware that our country will have a unique opportunity to contribute in a positive way through the presidency and as an honourable intermediary in order to secure institutional consistency and to promote as many legislative bills as possible that will increase the benefit of the European unifying process.”

He then spoke of possible political initiatives that the island can undertake to spur cooperation in the Mediterranean and the broader Middle Eastern region.

“The presidency of the EU Council in 2026 must mark Cyprus as a totally reliable partner who, through initiatives and concerted action, will lead the unification process one step further.

“In this framework, it is extremely important to create the necessary structures in Nicosia, which will prepare the public administration of our country to ensure that it will respond successfully to this great challenge.”

Christodoulides also added that he will soon appoint a deputy minister with competence in European affairs, explaining that the person appointed will have diplomatic experience and deep knowledge of the way in which the EU and its institutions operate.

“Cyprus must speak resolutely and with one voice in Brussels on all matters on the agenda of the EU Council.

“I am certain that you must have heard me underline many times in the past the fact that the accession of Cyprus to the EU was the greatest diplomatic success of the Cypriot people, since the establishment of the Republic.

“For my government, and for myself, a strong EU means a strong Cyprus. My political commitment is to work tirelessly both in the framework of my participation in the EU Council and more broadly, so that the EU will remain united and cohesive in this difficult time of geopolitical instability,” Christodoulides concluded.

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