A boat transporting 26 illegal migrants was spotted at noon on Wednesday off the Cape Greco coast by maritime police.

According to a police statement, coast guard vessels intercepted the boat and the passengers were brought ashore.

The incident took place after a 58-year-old was arrested at 8pm on Tuesday to facilitate investigation into the arrival of another boat transporting 23 irregular migrants in Famagusta, of which nine were men, five were women and nine were minors.

He was remanded for eight days.

The passengers were transported to the Paralimni fishing shelter, while their boat sank due to water inflow.

Investigations determined that the boat had set sail from Syria, on the evening of Monday. According to the testimonies obtained, the captain was the 58-year-old man, who was arrested and taken into custody.

The remaining 22 passengers of the boat were transferred to the Pournara reception centre.