Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakidou, representing the European Union, will participate in discussions on strengthening global health at the G7 ministerial meeting in Japan over the weekend.

Issues to be addressed at the summit include strengthening the global architecture for health governance, increasing universal health coverage and promoting innovation.

The G7 group, the world’s seven most powerful economies, includes France, Germany, Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and Canada. The European Union also participates in the meetings.

Commissioner Kyriakidou will also attend a joint meeting of G7 health and finance ministers on financing global partnerships and initiatives, together with EU Commissioner for Economy, Paolo Gentiloni.

On Monday, Kyriakidou will visit the National Cancer Centre in Tokyo to learn about Japan’s approach to cancer research, prevention, early detection, screening, treatment and care.

The commissioner will also discuss issues concerning EU-Japan cooperation in the field of food safety with Japan’s Minister of Agriculture, Tetsuro Nomura.