All students who sat a physics paper that has been mired in outrage will be given full marks for the questions that appear not to have been part of the curriculum, the education ministry said on Monday.

Angry parents had complained last week when final year students sitting the exam found two questions on it that had not been covered in class.

It has been reported that they had been set by a teacher in a private institute who had gone through the questions with students in his class the day before the exam.

The ministry said after meeting all those involved that strict instructions were given for systematic control to ensure the validity and reliability of the examination questions.

President of the secondary school parents association, Loizos Constantinou said on Monday that as soon as they had become aware of the problem they had contacted the ministry, which admitted that indeed the two questions were outside the scope of the exam.

Parents claimed the error has caused stress to the students, who wasted time trying to solve the exercises and that some students likely lost valuable time doing so to the detriment of their final score.