President Nikos Christodoulides pledged on Sunday that he will give his utmost for the reunification of the island saying the European Union sees Cyprus’ efforts to resolve the national problem.

This solution will be on the basis of the agreed framework for a functional and viable settlement, Christodoulides said addressing a memorial service for those who died during the Eoka 1955-1959 struggle held in the Eoka monument of Amiantos – Pelendri, in Limassol district.

He added that “this will be secured not through self-denial but through knowledge and respect of our history.”

“I will do my utmost for the liberation of our country, the reunification of our country on the basis of the agreed framework over a viable and functional solution.”

This solution “will end occupation and settlement in practice and not in words,” the president said, and allow all “legitimate citizens” to co-exist peacefully.

Earlier, the president welcomed the fact that the EU sees the approach of the government working to break the deadlock on the Cyprus problem with more active EU involvement.

Speaking to journalists after the memorial service of the Eoka fighter Michalis Olympiou in Lympia, the president was asked whether the issue of a more active EU involvement in the Cyprus problem is progressing.

According to a Presidency statement, Christodoulides mentioned his recent visit to Germany, saying “the German Chancellor’s positions were clear, a lot is also being done at the technical level to get ready.”

He also said that he was invited to speak at the plenary session of the European Parliament on June 13, and the next day he will be in Vienna, exactly on the same subject.

“We are working to break the deadlock, and we welcome the fact that they see our approach that the EU can play a decisive role in this direction: resuming the talks, always within the framework of the United Nations.

“The EU is coming to support the UN’s efforts,” he noted.

The president’s commitment to a Cyprus problem solution was also highlighted by Defence Minister Michalis Georgallas in his own statements from the memorial of the Emba Eoka fighters.

Christodoulides “directly and clearly states everywhere, both at home and abroad, our intention to break the deadlock and build the conditions that will allow the resumption of sincere and constructive talks,” the minister said.

In this context, he said, there is no room for communication games, unnecessary blame games, brazen claims and provocative actions, which are aimed at creating new fait accompli.

Under no circumstances, he said, will we discuss and accept political claims for a “solution of two independent states”. On the contrary, he added, such proposals undermine any convergence of views and positions, threatening the failure of the process from the outset.

“Our intention is to continue to fight with the same intensity and the same will to reach the much-needed solution to the Cyprus problem,” he said, noting that this struggle “is continuous and never stops”.