The government remains committed in implementing the National Space Strategy 2022-2027 and invests in the field of research and technology, President Nikos Christodoulides said on Saturday, during the inauguration of the first Cyprus Planetarium.

He said that the government has a coherent policy in the framework of which it wants to create new conditions and prospects, in terms of building a strong ecosystem for space technologies and services.

Christodoulides praised the skilled personnel of the country, saying that with them we will achieve our vision of Cyprus becoming a society of knowledge, based on modern technologies and innovations.

He said that the Cyprus Planetarium creates new prospects for the development of the science of astronomy, of research and innovation and the use of the various possibilities offered by cutting-edge space technology.

The Planetarium-Observatory, staffed by an experienced and fully scientifically qualified team, as one of the largest in the European area, and the most modern so far, has state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly facilities, as well as innovative building infrastructure, using advanced technologies from abroad, according to the President.

Christodoulides also said that with its operation the Planetarium brings Cyprus into contact with dynamic ecosystems abroad, confirming the quality of its educational, scientific, and cultural activities.

He added that it is an attractive destination for every age group, offering unique experiences of observing phenomena, education, and entertainment.

He also referred to the prospects in the fields of astrotourism which will create new jobs and will revitalise the area