Paraplegics in Cyprus on Friday called on MPs to make it easier to prosecute people who wrongly park in disabled spots.

The Paraplegic Organisation of Cyprus sent a letter to members of the House legal committee, urging them to change traffic legislation.

The proposed changes would permit officials to report illegal parking by simply taking a photo of the wrongly parked vehicle.

The organisation said illegal parking on pavements, ramps, and easy-access parking lots is one of the more serious problems that obstruct the movement of those with disabilities.

“Existing legislation and its enforcement has proved unable to solve the problem,” they said because “offenders know they will rarely be punished.”

Taking a photo of the illegally parked vehicle, the organisations said, would allow traffic wardens to report more drivers violating parking regulations as officers wouldn’t have to get out of their vehicle to issue an out-of-court fine against offenders.