President Nikos Christodoulides on Friday decided to strengthen the committee of ethics and safeguarding in sports amidst a spike in match-fixing allegations.

The members of the committee informed the president about how they operate and the progress of the ongoing investigations where there is reasonable suspicion of corruption during a meeting at the presidential palace.

They also discussed the seven cases whose investigation has been completed and handed over to the legal service.

The president, responding to a request by the sports ethics committee, will reinforce it with secretarial support with an experienced official and increase the number of meetings of the committee.

Furthermore, President Christodoulides instructed that the committee be housed in a separate building, while cabinet will proceed in the coming days with the appointment of the fifth member, an official statement said.

The president recognises the importance of the sports ethics committee and “stands by the work and efforts made for the consolidation of Cypriot sport through both prevention and repression,” it was added.