A brand-new space has opened in Limassol and is the first-ever youth gallery in Cyprus. The Seed Gallery is housed in the Cornaro Art Centre in the heart of Limassol and its mission is to showcase young emerging artists who reside on the island and to offer a supportive platform during the early stages of their career. Its journey begins with the ongoing solo exhibition by young abstract painter Natalia Chebarkova, who hails from Russia and is based in Limassol. Titled Natalia Chebarkova: Unravelling the Layers, the exhibition runs until June 16.

Talking about the exhibition, the organisers say: “Driven by her profound desire to give shape to her thoughts and emotions, Natalia approaches her artistic process as a meditative journey. Through her evocative artworks, she seeks self-emancipation and self-realisation, transcending the confines of her conservative upbringing. Drawing from her deep knowledge of classical and figurative painting, Natalia has fearlessly chosen to embrace the realm of abstract art, finding solace and freedom within its boundless possibilities.”

The exhibition features a collection of Natalia’s latest works on canvas and paper, tracing her artistic process and evolution in the abstract genre. “Art enthusiasts and connoisseurs,” add organisers, “will have the unique opportunity to witness the power and beauty of Natalia’s creations as she invites them on a transformative journey through her artistic expressions.”

Natalia Chebarkova: Unravelling the Layers

Solo art exhibition by young painter. June 2-16. The Seed Youth Gallery, Cornaro Art Centre, Limassol. Opening night: 7pm. Tuesday – Friday: 10am – 1pm, 4pm-7pm. Saturday: 4pm-7pm. or by appointment. [email protected]. Tel: 99- 36996