The government on Monday received an €86,000 cheque collected out of donations for earthquake-stricken people in Turkey and Syria.

Handed over by the Pancyprian volunteerism coordinative council, the campaign began on February 7 and lasted until May 2, a spokeswoman told the Cyprus Mail.

Chairman of the council Elias Demetriou said “we are very happy because Cypriots have warmly embraced this campaign. They were by our side not only for financial support that we hare handing over to the presidential palace, but also in humanitarian support.”

The latter was reflected with amassing 170 tonnes of food and medicine, and was deployed to those in need with the assistance of the civil defence.

Deputy government spokeswoman Doxa Komodromou received the cheque on behalf of the state saying everyone became witness to the deadly earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria. “Cyprus did not remain idle or uninvolved. It responded to the suffering people.”

A spokeswoman for the volunteerism council explained the delay between the campaign collection and handing over the cheque was due to internal bureaucratic procedures.