Within the framework of the Consulco logo“Next Generation Proposals for a Better Cyprus” research-based competition, organised and sponsored by Consulco, undergraduates and postgraduates, pursuing studies at universities in three cities, were invited to propose ideas and solutions for structural changes to improve Cyprus’ business environment, and boost the Republic’s efforts to attract investment.

The competition was conducted in collaboration with UClan, Frederick and Neapolis universities, with the aim being to give younger generations the chance to contribute innovative ideas towards improving and developing the country’s investment sector. Students’ research projects were evaluated by a special committee set up for this purpose. First-prize winners for each of the three universities were:

  • Eleni Demosthenous from Frederick University
  • Alexandros Solomonides from UClan University
  • Vladislav Machos from Neapolis University

Awards were also secured by 10 more students – two from Frederick, three from UClan and five from Neapolis. All students who were distinguished for their work received cash prizes from the Conculco Group, which has a long-standing presence in the investment sector.

“At Consulco, we believe young generations can act as a catalyst for the improvement of the economy and society at large,” said Consulco CEO, Marios Hajiroussos, in a statement. “This was our goal through the competition: to motivate young people to get involved in improving the investment environment in Cyprus, with the ultimate goal of creating conditions for long-term economic prosperity in our country.”

The first three awardees will present their research findings and proposals to the members of the Nicosia and Limassol Chambers of Commerce & Industry, in order to inspire dialogue and action.