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Cyprus university praised as ally of the state, assured of mutual collaboration


Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy Philippos Hadjizacharias this week described the Cyprus University of Technology (Tepak) as a fundamental pillar for knowledge and research on the island.

In addition, Hadjizacharias classified Tepak as one of the most significant allies of the state and the deputy ministry he heads.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony of doctoral students, which took place on Monday evening, the minister said that Tepak is “an academic institution that serves as a model for technological applications and operational methods, at both the administrative and educational levels”.

“While technology is at the forefront, the university continues to be human-centred and green,” he added.

Moreover, he said that Tepak is “an academic institution that we, as citizens and as a state, should be proud of,” while calling it a “treasure for Cyprus”.

The Deputy Minister also congratulated the university’s rector, as well as all those who are part of the Cyprus University of Technology, “for the successful and upward trajectory it has pursued since its establishment until today, and for the quality it has managed to offer on multiple levels”.

“You should know that I consider the Cyprus University of Technology as one of the most important allies of the state and the Ministry of Research, Innovation, and Digital Policy, appreciating its contribution to the successful digital transformation of the state,” the minister stressed.

philippos chadjizacharias tepak
Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy Philippos Hadjizacharias

Lastly, he expressed his belief that “the Cyprus University of Technology, together with its academic staff and students, has the ability to offer many valuable contributions to the state and society by contributing to the development of research and technology in related fields”.

“Our collaboration is assured,” Hadjizacharias concluded.

In his speech, the Tepak rector Panagiotis Zafiris, warmly congratulated the doctoral graduates, noting that “this is a day that marks the culmination of hard work, sacrifices, and unwavering dedication to your research and the pursuit of knowledge.”

“Today, we recognise your exceptional contribution in your respective fields and celebrate your remarkable journey as research scientists,” he said.

“You are the future academic researchers who will contribute to education, research, and society at large, as well as to the economy of our country,” he added.

Moreover, Zafiris called on the new members of the local and international academic and scientific research community to follow four key guidelines, which he described as crucial for researchers.

These include excellence in teaching, research, social contribution and self-development.

“Invest time to acquire teaching skills so that you can become role models for future students, gaining their trust and respect,” Zafiris said.

“Excellence in research is the pinnacle of your career,” he added, urging the crowd of graduates to “dare to take risks, use new ideas and your creativity to chart new paths, seize the opportunities that arise, and do not be afraid to make mistakes”.

In terms of social contribution, he said that new researchers and scientists should strive to create collaborations with social and local entities, industries, and businesses in their respective fields.

“Always remember that your research will have value when its results have changed the quality of life for individuals and society as a whole,” he said.

Regarding personal growth, he asked the graduates to cultivate a passion for lifelong learning, continuous improvement, and self-development.

“Embrace a multidisciplinary approach and engage in interdisciplinary collaborations to broaden your horizons and expand the impact of your work,” Zafiris stressed.

The Tepak rector concluded his speech by wishing the graduates success in their future endeavours and encouraging them to make a positive impact on society through their research and expertise.

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