A British couple who used a surrogate in the north to give birth to their son have been stranded there for three months as they wait for him to be issued a passport.

James and Ian Buckley-Walker have been in Famagusta since March, while their son Harry was born there on April 2. The couple have reportedly spent more than €23,000 on hotels, flights, and legal fees, but have still been unable to acquire a passport for their son.

Cyprus Mail contacted the British Home Office regarding the case, and a spokesman said “this application has been processed, and delivery will be within the normal 13 week published processing timeframe for an application made from Cyprus for a child’s first British passport”.

The British Home Office added that “His Majesty’s Passport Office will be in contact with these customers to update them that their passport has been processed”.

Cyprus Mail has also contacted Ian Buckley-Walker, the British High Commission in Nicosia, and the north’s ‘Interior ministry’ for comment.