Distortions and problems in the implementation of the state healthcare system (Gesy) are to be hammered out in a general meeting convened by President Nikos Christodoulides on Friday.

The main topic is upgrading the quality of services offered by the system the president said.

According to statements by Minister of Health, Popi Kanari, a plan will be given to the president for the improvement of Gesy, including outstanding health insurance organisation (HIO) and state health services organisation (Okypy) issues.

Kanari noted the plan includes procedures to be promoted for the modernisation and sustainability of public hospitals.

The ministries of health and finance, the HIO and Okypy will participate in the meeting.

“We are not touching the philosophy of the national health service– to avoid any misunderstanding,” the president said on Thursday in response to a question regarding the thorny issue of allowing doctors a deciding role on the HIO Board.

“We are talking about a major reform [to] upgrade the quality of the services offered,” the president added.

Asked about the sustainability of the system, the president said: “It is something that worries us, which is why I have called all involved, so that specific decisions are made.”