The Limassol-Amathounda Sewerage Board (Sbla) on Friday decided they will lead an initiative to conduct a study that will provide solutions for the problem being faced at the Akrotiri wetlands.

According to what was heard at the meeting held at the Limassol municipal offices, the serious issue being face at the wetlands is being caused since large amounts of rainwater are being channelled there, mainly due to large developments in the area.

Present at the meeting were, Transport Minister Alexis Vafeades, Environment Commissioner Maria Panayiotou, and municipal authorities, along with representatives from the British bases.

In his statements after the end of the meeting, Vafeades stated that it was decided “to proceed immediately with measures to alleviate the problem and we have determined that a management committee will be established, which will provide support to the organisation that will lead this effort.”

“This effort will be led by Sbla, as per the opinion of the attorney-general that the competence belongs to the board, but we have committed to provide all the support needed to be able to implement the project,” he added.

With the first session of this management committee, he continued, a timetable with milestones will be drawn up, “with the ultimate aim of carrying out a holistic study of the area to find the right measures to be taken to solve the problem.”

In the meantime, Vafeades indicated that the management committee will also have terms of reference to identify and plan the implementation of intermediate actions to solve individual problems.