The forestry department informed the public on Friday that the risk of fires remains at the “Red Alert” level for the eighth consecutive day.

At the time of its press release on Friday morning, the department of forests and fire services had already responded to six individual fires, the high number of which has caused concern for firefighters and citizens alike.

In its announcement, the department of forests addressed the public, saying “only you can prevent a new fire, a new disaster. We call on you to act, as in this year’s slogan “Only with a consciousness of responsibility.”

The address went on to list activities that the public should avoid, such as “the use of tools or agricultural machinery that generate heat, sparks, or flame.”

People were also asked to pay particular attention to the exhausts of various open-air generators or water pumps. Additionally, the burning of grass, branches, and garbage is also currently prohibited. Likewise, it is also forbidden to light fires anywhere in the countryside — except when preparing food within permitted picnic and camping areas.

To further keep the public responsible, the department said that lighting a fire without permission is an offense which, according to the Forest Law of 2012, is punishable by imprisonment up to ten years, a fine of up to €50,000, or both penalties and, according to the Rural Fire Prevention Law of 1988, up to five years, a fine of up to €20,000, or both.