A yellow weather warning for extreme heat is in force on Saturday as the temperature is expected to reach around 42C inland.

The warning is in force until 6pm.

It is expected to be slightly cooler around the north coast with 34C and 36C in the southeast and east coast, while over the higher mountainous areas temperature will range around 33C.

At night, the weather will be mostly clear with some clouds forming locally on the coast. During the morning hours, localised thin fog is also likely. Temperatures will drop to around 25C inland and on the coast and around 22C in the higher mountains.

Meanwhile, the forestry department issued a red alert for forest fires, noting that lighting fires without permission is a punishable offence. Violators are faced with up to ten years imprisonment and a fine of up to €50,000 or both penalties combined.

Temperatures are expected to gradually rise in the next two days, with an orange weather alert in force on Sunday when maximum temperature will reach 44C.

On Tuesday, the weather will remain warm with temperature expecting to drop slightly but remain well above average for the season.