Challenges within the shipping industry were discussed at separate meetings between the ambassadors of the Netherlands and Germany, with Deputy Shipping Minister Marina Hadjimanoli on Monday.

In a press release the deputy ministry said Hadjimanolis pointed out the excellent relations and cooperation between the countries in matters related to shipping, especially in the context of international organisations and the European Union, and expressed her desire to further deepen the close relations they maintain.

In both meetings, the press release adds, the discussion focused on the main challenges facing the shipping industry, such as blue growth, the need to find ways to strengthen education, the effects of sanctions on Cypriot shipping, the decarbonization of shipping, as well as issues of gender equality in the shipping sector.

Ambassador of the Netherlands, Elke Merks-Schaapveld, and Ambassador of Germany, Anke Schlimm both emphasised the importance of the commitment of the entire shipping sector in the framework of the Declaration for zero carbon emissions in shipping by 2050. Hadjimanoli informed them about the actions that Cyprus is taking in this direction.

Hadjimanoli also informed the Ambassadors about “Maritime Cyprus 2023”, the annual conference which will take place on October 8-11, 2023.