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Food delivery services banned during heatwave warnings (Update 2)

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Food and other related delivery services are to be banned during orange and red heatwave warnings, according to Labour Minister Yiannis Panayiotou.

The ban on delivery services will apply from 12pm-4pm during periods classified as being within an orange or red weather alert.

The decision was announced by the minister after Thursday’s cabinet meeting and comes just days after Greece imposed a similar ban on work during the peak hours of heatwaves.

The measures come into immediate effect from Thursday, adding that it was deemed necessary after having considered climate change and the frequency at which heatwaves are likely to occur.

The decree detailed that transportation and or delivery of products using two-wheeled vehicles are banned between 12pm-4pm while a red or orange alert is valid. That is understood to include mopeds, bicycles, scooters and other such means of transportation.

Also in the decree is that all outdoor heavy and moderate work must be suspended while a red alert has been issued, while the work stoppage is valid from 12pm-4pm during orange alerts.

It was later clarified that heavy-duty work includes activities such as intense manual labour, excavation or breaking of hard materials, using mechanical tools and or machines weighing more than 15kg and asphalt paving works done manually.

Examples of activities in the moderate category were given as placement of fences, concrete work, bricklaying, plastering, painting, floor installation, carving, woodworking, electrical work, plumbing, and asphalt paving works conducted using machines.

Examples of activities in the light category were given as office work, work on bench with light tools, and regular driving.

Asked about the consequences faced by employers if they violate the terms of the decree, the labour minister stated that the provisions of the legislation apply to those who breach their obligations regarding the safety and health of employees, which includes fines and suspension of business activities.

Asked about enforcement, he said the labour inspection department is tasked with ensuring compliance with the decree.

More information is available at the labour inspection department’s website under the thermal stress section, otherwise the inspection office for each district can be contacted: Nicosia at 22 879 191, Limassol 25 827 200, Larnaca 24 805 327, Paphos 26 822 715, Famagusta 23 819 750.

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