There is no danger to public health from water works happening at the site of the old Nicosia hospital, the ministry of transport and the department of public works assured on Friday.

The announcement came following media reports earlier in the week that untreated water and mud from the construction at the new site of the Cyprus Museum are ending up in the Pedieos river.

Water was being dumped in a public place without having secured a permit to do so, according to Philenews on Saturday.

The news source claimed that the public works department forgot to set conditions to the contractor for upholding the requirements determined by the environment department.

As a result, water of “dubious quality”, not subject to testing and analysis, is released in the area, the daily claimed.

Authorities in their statement to reassure the public, said “it is not sewage from the works, but water, and there is no risk for public health issues.”

The statement went on to clarify that the reason for the water flows was drainage works.

“[The] wastewater is groundwater that is treated and pumped to drain the ground where the building will be carried out. Water enters the excavation site due to the high water table in the area and [this] is due to the geological conditions of the subsoil in the river system,” the official announcement explained.

Moreover, the public works department will follow the environmental authority’s advisory provisions for regular analyses and construction of a settling tank to monitor water quality prior to its discharge downstream of the drainage point location, the statement said.

“Measurements taken show there is no risk of environmental pollution and/or public health issues and there is close communication and cooperation between the public works and the environment departments,” the statement added.