With 274 passengers, 60 cars, 15 motorcycles and 11 pets Cyprus-Greece ferry left the island on Saturday night marking its first journey to Piraeus from Larnaca.

The popular ferry service was revived last year with Limassol serving as the only hub, but this year Larnaca was also added to the schedule.

The Daleela left Larnaca port around 11pm. Boarding started at around 6.30pm.

In statements, Paris Demetriou, General Manager of Kition Ocean Holdings expressed his satisfaction with the start of the sea connection from Larnaca to Piraeus, according to CNA.

“Everything went smoothly during the boarding of the passengers,” he said.

He said the ship was carrying 274 passengers, 60 cars, 15 motorcycles and 11 pets.

“The seats for August are already sold out,” he said.

Kition, he added, had a very good cooperation with the ship-owning company, with travel agents and the competent services of the Republic, “as a result of which the procedures ran smoothly and there were no problems or delays”.

Marios Michael, the representative of Scandro Holdings, the shipowner also said the first day went smoothly “despite the fact that we expected more difficulties”.

“However, with the help of the passengers, the managing company of the port and all the competent services of the state, everything went well”.

At the same time he advised people to “be patient with the boarding process”, especially security checks, which can’t be avoided.

Michael said most of the passengers were families with small children.

Over the summer run, the Daleela is expected to ferry more than 4,000 people and 1,700 vehicles.

There will be 16 crossings to and from Greece with the final one on September 1.

During its first season last year, around 7,500 travellers used the ferry, which also transported 2,500 cars.

Officials have said that it proved particularly popular with students who sought to take or bring back more belongings from abroad as it is cheaper and easier than by air.

The ferry has also been praised as an important tool for those fearful of flying, offering them an alternative way of travelling abroad.