Three swimming pools at the Limak Cyprus deluxe hotel in Vokolida contain levels of bacteria above the recommended limit, according to statistics released by the north’s ‘health ministry’ on Friday.

According to the statistics, the hotel’s children’s pool, and lower pool both contain four CFU (colony forming units) of coliform bacteria.

Coliform bacteria are typically found in the faeces of warm-blooded animals, including humans. They do not normally cause serious illness, but their presence is used to infer the presence of other potentially dangerous organisms of faecal origins.

Additionally, at the hotel’s upper pool, the total amount of all bacteria was 240 CFU/ml, which is above the safe limit of 200.

Elsewhere, it was found that the amount of free available chlorine in the swimming pool at the Vouni King hotel in Limnitis was four parts per million. The recommended limit is between one and three.