The government aims to improve the living conditions enclaved Maronites are experiencing in the north, head of the humanitarian affairs commissioner Anna Aristotelous said during a visit to the communities.

An announcement on Tuesday said Aristotelous had gone to Kormakitis and Karpasia a day earlier.

“I have the will to help wherever I can, to resolve problems and improve conditions,” she said.

The commissioner walked around the villages and spoke to residents, many of whom invited her into their homes.

“I met people whose stories and fights have moved me.” She pledged she would exert every effort possible to help the problems they shared with her.

This includes improving their living conditions and bringing more life to the villages by maintaining and increasing the number of resettled persons.

Currently there are 46 enclaved people living in Kormakitis and Karpasia, of which 42 are in the former and four in the latter.

The resettled individuals amount to 337 in both villages, 26 of whom reside in Karpasia.

During the visit, Aristotelous met with the oldest resettled woman, aged 101. Aristotelous promised her she would visit her again for her birthday on December 2.

Last month, cabinet decided to reopen the primary school and kindergarten in Kormakitis after 25 years.