A case of assault and theft is being investigated by Paphos police, following the mugging of a 65-year-old woman in Chlorakas in the early hours of Thursday.

The Cyprus News Agency, quoting Paphos press spokesperson Michalis Nicolaou, reported that based on the allegations of the complainant, at approximately 5:15am while she was walking on a street in Chlorakas, heading towards her orchard, the woman was attacked by an unknown man who he stole her mobile phone, her bag containing a sum of money and other personal documents and belongings, as well as a bag of food.

The woman had abrasions and bruises on her right forearm, according to a medical report from the hospital, Nicolaou said. According to police, she said the mugger had not directly attacked her and her injuries occurred the force used to take away her bags as she resisted.

Police are seeking the perpetrator.