Signs on the motorway will begin to be replaced after they were vandalised, the House transport committee said on Thursday, following a session where they also discussed the issue of speed bumps.

According to Diko MP Christos Orphanides, the committee discussed the issues of road sign vandalism and the speed bumps.

He said that the vandalism on the road signs is a serious issue that creates problems, as speed limit signs and exit signs have been blacked out by graffiti.

Orphanides said that it is an unacceptable issue, which is observed mainly in Cyprus, and noted that recommendations have been put forward to the transport ministry.

In particular, he said that one solution, although costly, is the installation of new signs that have a reflective membrane from which any graffiti tag can be erased.

Commenting further, he said that the first replacement of signs on the road from Larnaca to Kofinou will begin.

Orphanides said that the issue of speed bumps had likewise been discussed again at the committee, pointing out that they are installed without specifications, no control, and no standards.

He noted that communities have requested the removal of specific speed bumps, saying that this is in the right direction, but public works and all authorities should replace them with proper standards, wherever necessary.

He pointed out that plastic bumps are prohibited from being used anywhere, except on construction sites, as defined by the law. Finally, he noted that where and when there are bumps, carcinogenic areas are created due to the brakes and oils of the vehicles, and for this reason several have been removed.