Shots were fired by an unknown perpetrator from a moving vehicle on a Bank of Cyprus branch in Limassol it emerged on Monday morning.

Police have cordoned off the scene on Ayia Phylaxis street and the police ballistics team is collecting evidence.

According to Limassol police spokesman Lefteris Kyriakou, preliminary findings from CCTV footage have revealed that the shots were fired shortly after 3am from a moving vehicle across two opposing traffic lanes using an automatic weapon.

The street was empty at the exact moment the shots were fired and the bullets struck a wide radius of the shopfront, including two ATM machines, the branch’s glass front, and the building’s second storey, grazing interior walls and causing other minor damages to offices.

According to the state broadcaster, the branch manager discovered the bank’s glass front peppered with around 20 bullet holes when opening up the branch on Ayia Phylaxis street.

Limassol CID are continuing intensive investigations to identify and locate the culprit.