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Albato sell its regional business in Russia


At the end of 2022, Albato made a strategic decision to sell its regional business in Russia. The transition period was completed in August 2023. The new owners will be solely responsible for all of the company’s operations in Russia and Belarus.

However, such a change will not affect the company’s international ambitions and positioning.

Albato continues to hold leading positions in the international market for integrations and no-code automation, striving to provide its clients with only the best tools and prompt technical support.

Albato’s headquarters are located in Cyprus, and the company also has offices in Brazil and Portugal. The overall user base exceeds 60,000 individuals across Europe, Latin America, the USA, and Asia. Albato plans to actively scale its business and expand its presence in these markets.

Currently, the company’s primary focus is on the development of two key products: a platform solution with a no-code constructor for integrations and automation; and an embedded solution for integrating native connectors with pre-set integrations directly into the client’s interface or for adding such connectors to their marketplace. Special attention is given to user support, developing partnership programs, and actively searching for new partners.

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