Trying to decide on a new series to invest time in? CONSTANTINOS PSILLIDES suggests four released this month that are definitely worth your attention

The Wheel of Time, season 2 (Prime)

Nobody else is saying it so I’m going to: The Wheel of Time is the best fantasy show now available that you are not watching. Robert Jordan’s adaptation of his massive 14-book saga is getting all the praise but could use some more attention. It was largely overshadowed by the other two series that premiered last year, House of Dragon and course Rings of Power, Prime’s other fantasy series. RoP is getting all the money while the WoT crowd is trying to make do with what is left and they are doing a tremendous job at it. Season 2 premiered on September 1 and the series so far has surpassed season 1 in every respect. It has already been renewed for season 3 and showrunners have said that they planned for eight seasons.

A bit about the story: Season 1 ended with Rand, a farmer’s boy, discovering that he is the prophesised Dragon Reborn, a legendary magic wielder from an era long gone. Rand tries to come to terms with his fate as he is destined to die in a fight to either break the world or save it.

New episodes premiere every Friday.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon (AMC)

AMC didn’t just milk the cow when it comes to the The Walking Dead franchise, it milked it to death, brought it back to life and now continues to milk its reanimated corpse ad infinitum. Still, it’s nice to see that, unlike the core series, the showrunners are trying to give fans something original. Daryl Dixon is the latest spin-off of the TWD universe and it comes at the heels of the other successful spin-off Dead City. It tells the story of the loveable, crossbow-wielding, grizzled red-neck Daryl Dixon who somehow finds himself in France. How? Seriously, this is the Walking Dead universe. Logic has long checked out, replaced by awesome zombie kills.

Daryl finds his way to a monastery (sure), where he meets a young nun and her charge (of course he does), a tween that is supposedly destined for greatness (as expected). Daryl is charged with escorting them on their journey (did not see THAT coming) through a perilous land filled with marauders, killers and of course hordes of mindless zombies.

All jokes aside, the pilot episode was fun and brought back some of that early TWD magic. Give it a shot.

New episodes premiere every Sunday.

The Continental (Peacock)

The John Wick franchise is probably one of the most successful – if not THE most successful – IPs in recent times. The Keanu Reeves-led movies made over a billion at the box office and introduced us to a world where guns have infinite ammo, “assassin” is the most common occupation and harming someone’s dog is an offence washed away only with the blood of everyone involved.

The Continental is an assassin hotel (just go with it) that is considered neutral ground: assassins come here to relax, eat and sleep without the fear of death as no one is allowed to kill there. It plays a major role in the John Wick universe and is managed by the powerful Winston Scott, played by the amazing Ian McShane. Have you ever wondered though how Winston came to be the manager of The Continental? No? Well, too bad cause you are going to find out.

The Continental takes place in New York in the 1970s with a young Winston Scott trying to make his mark in the world, along with fan-favourite Charon (played by the late Lance Reddick in the movies) and Uncle Charlie, the fedora-wearing body-disposal expert. The three friends square up against the current proprietor of The Continental, Cormac, played by Mel Gibson.

Premieres on September 22.

Gen V (Prime)

Do you need your The Boys fix until the new season comes out? Prime’s got you covered with Gen V, a spin-off series about young superheroes going to a university specially designed to cultivate their superpowers. Based on the trailer, Gen V is exactly what you expect out of a The Boys series: it’s hyper-violent, gory, messy and chock full of amazing effects. If you are into the original series, you do not want to miss this one!

Premieres on September 29.