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‘If you want something in life, you must go for it’

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In a German who has relocated to the island, PAUL LAMBIS meets a popular YouTuber full of advice for others looking to make Cyprus their home

Ever since he decided to make Cyprus his permanent home in 2019, Ricardo Gorski has become a recognisable figure on the island. His popularity on YouTube and other social media platforms has seen his fame spread beyond the country’s borders as individual foreigners turn to him for advice on relocating to Cyprus.

Gorski’s rise to notoriety sprang from his own fondness for Cyprus, which he regards as the “best country in the European Union,” with limitless possibilities for digital nomads, entrepreneurs and businesses. “The island is also picturesque, and I enjoy sharing my experiences of what it’s like to be a foreigner living permanently in Cyprus,” Gorski said.

His content sheds light on the island’s benefits and provides insightful tips on relocating to Cyprus through a step-by-step visual guide that has helped hundreds of individuals apply for residency, purchase properties and establish businesses on the island. “At first, I was unaware of the opportunities Cyprus could provide, but now I receive countless messages and strive to make my services as effective as possible.”

feature2 2Energetic and enthusiastic, Gorski, whose channel is called Rico Go, was born and raised in Germany and characterises his youth as “active and creative.” And at the age of 13, Gorski uploaded his first YouTube video of himself dancing.

“I used to watch YouTubers as a child and I always wanted to be one,” he told the Cyprus Mail. “I enjoy sharing my life, and I feel at ease when there are a lot of people around me who I can help and support.”

Gorski started an online business while still in school, developing and building websites and working on the process of optimising a website so its pages can be readily found and ranked higher on search engines.

His journey took him to Bali, Indonesia for a few months after finishing school, and upon his return to Germany, Gorski decided he needed to be near the sea, and thus his search for a country that would meet his criteria of being within the EU and predominantly Christian began. “I chose Cyprus and immediately fell in love with the island and its people,” he said.

“English is widely spoken on the island, and Cypriots are genuinely helpful and happy, going out of their way to assist you without expecting anything in return.”

However, it was the limited availability of information online, which resulted in Gorski spending a significant amount of time searching for solutions, that developed into his YouTube channel becoming a source for many foreigners to help them transition into the Cypriot way of life.

According to Gorski, the difference between Cyprus and other European countries can be summed up in the phrase ‘siga-siga,’ which means ‘slowly but surely.’

“Although Cypriots are hardworking people, they know how to balance their time between work and leisure, which is unheard of in Central Europe,” he said.

When it comes to his content, Gorski focuses on providing information that is educational, interesting and amusing. His videos cover topics such as relocating to Cyprus, investing in real estate, setting up a company, taxation, personal growth, the island’s unique culture, gastronomy, and tourist attractions. “A lot of research and time goes into preparing my videos covering a wide range of topics so that I can reach as many people as possible,” he explained.

“I believe I became one of Cyprus’ most popular YouTube channels, and the algorithm recognises this as well. Every time I publish a video, the algorithm associates it with the island, and each new video about Cyprus allows me to reach out to even more people.”

Gorski is pleased that his videos are having a positive impact on individuals, particularly those considering making Cyprus their permanent home. “It’s essentially the beginning of a new chapter in a foreign country, and everyone I’ve spoken to is very happy and grateful that they made the decision. I find the entire process emotional,” he said.

“I also receive a lot of messages from tourists who want to visit Cyprus, which contributes positively to the island’s tourism sector.”

Gorski also hopes to attract more talented individuals and businesses to the island by sharing his own experiences as well as the success stories of his clients in a series that documents the journey of people relocating to Cyprus. “With the proceeds, I would like to organise philanthropic events in the near future.”

For the moment, Ricardo Gorski continues to raise Cyprus’ profile abroad through his very engaging videos, driven by the same zeal he had as a boy. “If you want something in life, you must go for it.” And that is precisely what he aims to do.


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