Increases in 25 categories of basic products in a total of 45 categories were recorded for the month of August, the consumer protection service of the energy ministry said on Wednesday.

According to the service, increases were mainly recorded in fresh fish and molluscs, but also in greens, which reflect, the increase in both food inflation and general inflation which rose to 2.6 per cent in August from 1.5 per cent in July 2023.

The service added that the most significant increases were recorded in fresh fish and shellfish by 20.5 per cent, greens by 6.1 per cent, laundry detergents by 3.5 per cent, pulses by 3 per cent, rice by 2.8 per cent, flour by 2.5 per cent, sugar 2.2 per cent, biscuits 2.3 per cent, and other products at a lower rate.

Further, it states that the remaining 20 categories remained stable or recorded a decrease, with the main decrease recorded in frozen molluscs/shellfish by 9.2 per cent, frozen fish by 8.3 per cent, bread by 3 per cent, coals and toilet paper by 2 per cent, frozen breaded/precooked meats by 1.6 per cent, baby diapers by 1.2 per cent, and eggs by 1.1 per cent.