Police in Paphos arrested two people in the last three days during traffic checks for illegal possession of narcotics.

According to Paphos CID chief Michalis Nikolaou, two people in two separate cases, aged 24 and 31, were found to be carrying illegal drugs their cars. The two were arrested, taken to the drug squad (Ykan) offices, charged in writing and released to be summoned at a later date.

In addition, early on Sunday morning police stopped a 43-year-old driver who tested positive for 79µg of alcohol, instead of the permitted limit of 22µg, and refused to give a satisfactory second breath sample, causing concern.

He was arrested for the offence of being drunk and causing a disturbance, charged in writing and released.

In the three-days period police issued 117 traffic fines in Paphos, of which 26 were related to driving under the influence of alcohol, 41 to speeding and five to driving under the influence of drugs.