The fire between the communities of Doros and Limnati in Limassol is under complete control and its causes are under investigation on Wednesday after aerial forces made final water drops in the early morning.

Fire service, spokesman, Andreas Kettis, told the Cyprus News Agency that during the night, ground forces encountered small flare-ups and proceeded to contain the fire, while in the morning aerial vehicles were activated for final water drops and an assessment of the situation was made.

The fire, which burned one square kilometer of wild vegetation, dry grasses and trees, appears to have started on the edge of a rural road near a rubbish pile and all possibilities are being investigated, he added.

Earlier on Tuesday afternoon, fire services spokesman Andreas Kettis said the fire was in a difficult location that was tough to access.

In order to extinguish the blaze, firefighting forces on Tuesday implemented the “Ikaros II” plan with the participation of seven aerial vehicles, along with ground fighters from all districts, along with Emak, the forestry department, game fund, district office, civil defence and volunteers.