Police in Limassol on Tuesday found and confiscated over 10kg of cannabis in the course of their investigation into a case of possession of drugs with intent to supply.

Two men, aged 47 and 44, and a woman, aged 33, were arrested.

According to the police, the 44-year-old man was initially intercepted while driving with the 33-year-old woman and, in a search of the vehicle’s luggage compartment which followed, two plastic packages were containing 4.7kg of cannabis.

A body search on the 44-year-old turned up an additional small quantity of drugs and a sum of money amounting to €2,925.

Both suspects were arrested for evident offences and taken into custody.

As part of the same investigation the vehicle of the 47-year-old was stopped, and in a search police found three mobile phones and a sum of €2,150.

Subsequently, police searched the 44-year-old’s house residence in a Limassol village, and found four more packages with approximately 5.7kg of cannabis.

Court warrants were issued against all three suspects and they were arrested while the investigation continues.