Following an impressive opening evening with over 20 musicians playing the piano outside the Nicosia Municipal Theatre, the Nicosia International Festival continues its programme.

Next on its agenda is a concert on October 13 titled ΦLEVA by the Greek songwriter Efstathios Drakos. Well-known for his collaboration with Dimitra Galani, the songwriter will present a new work that aims to define the commonality between classical Greek sound and the magic of experimentation.

“Music is probably the most direct way for one to be able to experience stories of the past as if they were one’s own personal experiences,” Drakos said. “Through melodic lines and rhythmic patterns that are imprinted in our DNA as people of the Mediterranean, the Balkans and the East, we will swing together between the romance and the cynicism of life, between absolute calm and despair, between essence and futility.”

The songwriter and performer will present unexpected arrangements of works by the greatest contemporary and not only Greek composers, as well as released and unreleased songs of his own from his collaboration with Galani and the Minor Project.

The next production to be presented as part of the festival is a contemporary dance performance by the Spanish choreographer Jesus Rubio Gamo, Gran Bolero on October 21.


Concert by the Greek songwriter Efstathios Drakos. October 13. Nicosia Municipal Theatre, Nicosia. 8.30pm. Tel: 22-797979