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Police officer suspended amid allegations of drug use with illegal resident

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A police officer has been suspended after allegations emerged that he was doing drugs at home with a Briton who was residing illegally in the Republic, it was confirmed on Wednesday.

“Three arrests have been made: the police officer, the foreign national, and a 26-year-old woman who is believed to have dealt the drugs,” police spokesman Christos Andreou told the Cyprus Mail.

He explained that one of the criminal cases is due to go to court in the next few days, while the officer faces a disciplinary case.

Alpha reported earlier on Wednesday that the Nicosia police officer has been suspended after information was provided by the Briton that the policeman had been doing drugs with him.

It added that the case emerged a few days ago when the Briton – who appears to be residing in Cyprus illegally – was stopped by the police.

When questioned, the Briton said that he is living with a police officer. He added that they did drugs together.

Police then immediately arrested the officer, and he was placed on leave.

Later, on Wednesday, police arrested the 26-year-old Greek Cypriot woman who is believed to have dealt the drugs to the two men.

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