President Nikos Christodoulides said on Sunday that the Republic of Cyprus has given the UN the all-clear to appoint UN adviser to evaluate the prospects of restarting talks on the Cyprus issue.

Christodoulides added that the government gave a positive answer to the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ request on Saturday.

Speaking at an anti-occupation event in Astromeritis for the Morphou municipality, the president said that during his attendance at the unofficial European Council in Granada, Spain, all he heard was geared in the right direction.

“Such a development, the appointment of an individual, who will investigate the prospects for the resumption of talks will be a first development in the right direction that can – if the appropriate political will is demonstrated – lead to more general positive developments for all parties involved in the Cyprus issue,” he continued.

He added that he considers it important that the UN has targeted Cyprus, as it means the international boy sees prospects and value in appointing this representative.

Asked if he is aware of the person that may be appointed, the president replied: “No, we have not been informed of a specific name.”

He also referred to the events unfolding since Saturday morning in neighbouring Israel, which, he said, remind Cypriots that “there are no frozen conflicts, there are no frozen crises”.

He said: “We see in the most tragic way what is unfolding in neighbouring Israel, and we express the undivided support of the Republic of Cyprus to the friendly country of Israel, hoping that those initiatives will soon be taken, so that everything we see on our televisions will stop.”