Hospitals are ready to receive and care for patients or injured persons from Israel, the spokesman for the state health services (Okypy), Charalambos Charilaou, said on Wednesday.

“In the event that there is a need to transfer patients or injured person from Israel to Cyprus, the existing bilateral agreement will be activated and our hospitals will receive [them],” Charilaou told the Cyprus News Agency.

Charilaou explained that the bilateral agreement, signed between the ministries of health of Cyprus and Israel, includes the exchange of patients following mass disasters or any event that causes a large number of casualties.

Asked whether there is availability of beds in the hospitals for these cases, Charilaou replied that an action plan exists where hospital programs are revised and beds are vacated either in the operating theatres or in the wards to offer priority treatment.

“There is readiness in terms of hospitals and if need arises we will respond,” Charilaou said.