Rainfall for October so far was 90 per cent higher than the average, the met office said on Tuesday, publishing preliminary results for the first half of the month.

According to the met office, the last three days accounted for 26 per cent of the 90 per cent rainfall so far.

In Stavros tis Psokas and Athienou, rainfall surpassed the average for the month. On Sunday, rain caused severe flooding in Athienou.

The met office said that the rainfall so far this month was 29.4 mm, while the normal average rainfall for the entire month is 32.7 mm.

In more detail, the largest amount of rainfall during the period from October 1 to 16, was recorded in Athienou with 66.7 millimetres which corresponds to 300 per cent of the normal for the whole of October; Stavros tis Psokas with 64.5 millimetres (139 per cent of normal); Frenaros with 25.5 millimetres (60 per cent of normal); in Saitta with 57.5 millimetres (139 per cent of normal) and Polis Chrysochou with 53.1 millimetres (138 per cent of normal).

Regarding the last three days, a large amount of rainfall occurred in Stavros tis Psokas with 49.8 millimetres, exceeding the normal for the entire month of October, which is 46.4 millimetres, while in Athienou 35.3 millimetres fell, also exceeding the normal for the month of it is 22.2mm.