The labour inspection department warned vulnerable groups on Wednesday that high dust concentrations in the air may require some to take additional safety measures.

The department announced that the dust contains fine inhalable particles which may impact health, particularly children, the elderly and some suffering from respiratory conditions.

It also called on employers to carry out the prescribed health and safety measures.

The department explained that their most recent evaluation was carried out at 9am.

It found the dust concentration across the districts to be: Nicosia: 147.8 μg/m3, Limassol: 102.6 μg/m3, Larnaca: 110.7 μg/m3, Paralimni: 88.6 μg/m3, Paphos: 115.1 μg/m3, Zygi: 49.9 μg/m3, Agia Marina Xyliatou: 45.1 μg/m3.

It noted that the ‘dust’ refers to inhalable particles in the air with a diameter less than 10 μm (PM10). According to relevant legislation, the limit value refers to the daily average and must not exceed 50 μg/m3 (micrograms per cubic meter).