Two women suffered broken bones after jumping from an apartment balcony during a police drugs raid in Kyrenia on Monday night.

Five women, aged between 23 and 27, were inside the apartment when the police arrived. Two of them, both aged 23, attempted to escape by jumping from the balcony.

They were found by police and taken by ambulance to north Nicosia’s Dr Burhan Nalbantoglu hospital, where one was diagnosed with a broken right hand and left hip bone, and the other a broken left foot and left wrist.

Police found a rolled cigarette, believed to contain a mix of cannabis and tobacco, in the possession of one of the three women left inside, and took it as evidence.

They also discovered that four of the five women, including both those who jumped off the balcony, had no residence documents.

The three women who did not jump from the balcony were arrested, while the two who did remain in hospital.