Held by the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry on October 30, 2023, the 10th KEBE Business Leader Awards saw Remedica CEO, Dr. Michalis Neoptolemou, named “Business Leader” in the Industry category.

This significant recognition underscores the pivotal role of modern management in entrepreneurship, particularly in rapidly-developing sectors like the pharmaceutical industry.

CEO Neoptolemou’s vision for the sustainable growth of businesses, networking, collaboration and human development, constitutes the core pillars of his leadership.

In announcing the award, Health Minister Popi Kanari commended Neoptolemou on his unwavering pursuit of excellence. His determination has been a defining element of Remedica’s global leadership in the research, development, production and distribution of high-quality healthcare products.

CCCI President Christodoulos Agastiniotis, stressed Neoptolemou’s achievements in facilitating the remarkable growth of Remedica, touching upon his academic qualifications and professional career, which complement his leadership skills. CEO Neoptolemou has collaborated with leading companies, academic institutions, and global organisations in his specialised fields, such as aerospace engineering, business management, and statistical process control.

During his address, Remedica’s CEO thanked the organisers and referred to his significant decision in 2014 to leave the public sector, despite the economic instability at the time on the island, and enter the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing, which represented a new landscape for him.

Outlining the essential traits of a proper leader, he stated that a wise leader must exercise discernment to manage situations, maintain balances, and make decisions that will be judged and evaluated in the near future.

He also highlighted the importance of selecting and rewarding individuals who support the leader, playing an active role in realising a common vision.

Many times a leader is called upon to make difficult decisions alone to protect the larger organization, continued Neoptolemou, bearing in mind the organisation also has a social responsibility in terms of recruiting, developing and integrating several individuals. Thus, the criteria for a leadership decision may not only concern the organisation, but also society itself. CEO Neoptolemou dedicated the award to all Remedica personnel, his international collaborators, and his family who have supported him throughout.

Remedica operates in over 160 countries. Its smooth operation and impressive evolution are based on collaboration, respect, and its people’s commitment to the common goal of protecting human health and wellbeing.