Podiatry services are now included in Gesy for some categories of patients, as of Wednesday.

The Pancypriot Association of Registered Podiatrists (Psep) said the move is “proof of the collective efforts of the involved agencies to recognise the importance of foot health”.

They added that they hope to expand the provision of podiatry services to cover a wider range of people, saying “we strongly believe podiatry services should be made available to the wider population. Proper foot care … can prevent a wide range of health problems.”

They said said they aim to work with the health insurers’ organisation (HIO) to expand the provision of podiatry services to more people, adding “by limiting access to specific categories of patients, we may be inadvertently neglecting a significant proportion of the population.”

Additionally, they said they want to ensure that “every Cypriot will be able to enjoy the benefits of comprehensive foot care.”