The transport minister was granted the power to implement ultra-low emissions zones (ULEZ) in Cyprus, after a bill was passed into law in the House of Representatives on Thursday.

The law allows the minister to take a plethora of measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution caused by motor vehicles, among them the power to implement ULEZ.

The powers will see the minister able to ban different categories of vehicles from entering certain areas, and also levy charges for some vehicles in some areas.

He will also have the power to implement geographical and time restrictions based on the amount of pollution caused by any given type of vehicle.

In addition, the minister will be able to set a final date at which certain types of vehicles will be able to be registered.

Disy MP Fotini Tsiridou spoke in favour of the bill, saying it takes into account the European Green Agreement and the EU’s greenhouse gas targets.

However, Akel MP Valentinos Fakontis said the planned measures “could be implemented from 2027 to allow time for other measures to be in place and for improvements to public transport”.

He added that the final date at which certain types of vehicles will be able to be registered should be determined by regulations and “not by ministerial decree”.

However, Edek MP Elias Myrianthou said the planned measures should be implemented in 2025.