Two young Nigerian men deported from Cyprus on Monday have caused a social media storm because of a number of unusual plot twists.

The two men were reportedly deported from the north after having lost their student status.

Dubbed the Happie Boys, whose social media presence includes music videos and pranks, the two ended up as students in Cyprus in 2022 after being sacked from their work as security guards at a fast food restaurant – for dancing on the job.

A church minister who saw their posts allegedly took pity on them, declaring the boys were too young to work as guards, and promising a full scholarship for them to pursue studies in Cyprus.

Six months into their studies, however, the exchange rates shot up and the fees became prohibitive for the minister, who offered to bring them home and continue to support their studies at a university back in Nigeria.

The young men, however, vowed publicly never to return, and after defaulting on their college payments, took various low-paying jobs and slept rough for two months, posting that it was difficult to find jobs in Cyprus but that “God was sustaining them” and showing the world their “inbuilt talent”.

They were eventually arrested in the north and deported, allegedly after being held in custody for weeks, having been given 30 days to repay their school debts.

Meanwhile, they turned against their benefactor, accusing him among other things of eating human flesh and having demonic “powers from India”, as well as sexual exploitation.

“The pastor disguises like he is helping but [he is] ruining lives of young boys and girls… just imagine underaged girls pregnant [because of] a pastor and that’s minus the many girls who have kids [from] him… many are in Cyprus,” they posted.

The minister allegedly retaliated with a furious response, cursing them and wishing they never achieve anything in life.

“You will never be able to buy a plot of land, you will have to sell your clothes to feed yourselves, you will become so ragged,” he is allegedly heard saying on a voice message posted by the two men.