Police on Monday were investigating the cause of a fatal traffic accident in Paphos district on Saturday evening.

The deceased has been named as Goga Partsvania, 33 years old, from Georgia, a resident of the district.

Police reported that 40 minutes after midnight, on Ikarou Street in Paphos, the 33-year-old was hit by a car while crossing the street on foot under conditions being investigated.

The driver then abandoned the scene, leaving his vehicle at the location, police said.

An ambulance crew transported the 33-year-old to Paphos General Hospital, where a doctor pronounced him dead.

Around 2.15am a 24-year-old man presented himself at the scene, where members of the police were conducting an examination, and said he was the driver of the vehicle.

A court warrant was issued against him and police arrested the man shortly after 5.30am on Sunday morning and took him into custody for questioning.

The circumstances under which the accident occurred are under ongoing investigation.